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Doing my Part for my People, July 31st, 2203

There's a clone of me out there somewhere who's a Komodo. I know you probably don't know what a Komodo is, unless you've been following the WARANTINE or whatever your favorite newsfeed is calling it. Take a space otter, and make them able to withstand ludicrously high temperatures -- we're talking 'sunbathing on Mercury' hot. To pay for this, their metabolism is hideously inefficient, and they're HUGE -- almost (but not quite) as bad as unmodified humans. They're also kind of fugly -- they were going for humanoid lizard, but they're right smack in the middle of the creepy territory. At least for me.

One of my sisters was in love with one, thus the clone. For a while, I was kind of embarassed that one of my clone-sisters was a one-off (and a horribly obsolete one-off at that; thermostat fields are expensive, but reliable, and even better at high temperature work than Komodos) but also kind of, well, interested in them, idly. Wishing them well? It's not like they're any *worse* than ordinary humans, aside from being naturally sterile since their genome was never popular enough to merit a fertility mod.

Well, that and their god damn evangelism. People *know* I was in favor of Komodo awareness. I hope none of them *remember*, after this stupid stunt on Haven they're pulling. It's not like the planet's even going to stay molten. Sheesh!

So I guess I just want to say -- yeah, they're tacky as all hell. But they're one-offs. It sucks. Cut them a little slack, okay? And if you can't, at least don't snicker and point and laugh at foolish space otters who've been quietly rooting for them for a few years.

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