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Qwest was supposed to come out to fix the phone line yesterday, and call me at work with the results.

Well, they called me at work while I was in the bathroom, but didn't tell me anything -- just left a recording with someone's number as if I was supposed to call them back. I was about to leave, so I didn't get the chance then... after all, I could check the status online, right?

Except that their website is horribly broken -- login basically doesn't work (it gives a pageful of scripting error messages), so I can't check my status. Except by, say, picking up the phone and noticing that it still doesn't have a dial tone.

I don't know whether this is because they tried and failed, failed to try, or what, though. I guess I could call them, but the othe time I called on a weekend I got a guy who kept talking about how he didn't have access to any of the systems since it wasn't business hours and couldn't tell me shit.
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