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Wow... some people are really sad, August 5th, 2203

World of Magik uses an in-game currency that's really not very hard to get at all -- I was never a really hardcore player, but I had enough to buy everything I wanted without really putting a dent in my bankroll. I guess I didn't want of the really high-end gear (I usually sold it) but still...

Anyway, you also have to spend gold to build things, which is a more reasonable way to spend the millions and millions of gold pieces you'll probably be stuck with if you don't spend too much time at the bazaar. And while I was in a gestalt with some insectoid drones, I got this really, really awesome idea for the ultimate dungeon. Not a combat dungeon -- the ultimate combat dungeon is probably Aragoth. Or Crystalline Depths if you like a more classic experience. This was going to be --

Actually, it's kind of hard to remember what it was going to be. It involved a lot of chitinous walls and NPCs with complicated scripts. But it was going to be really expensive, so I needed to get a bunch of money quickly, and I asked around about how I could get a lot of money in as short a time as possible.

Apparently, there's a whole community of people devoted to optimizing that process. That's not sad in itself -- what's sad is that there are people who spend their days farming gold so that they can sell it to people for real money. Can you imagine? 90% of the people in the sim don't even have jobs -- who's going to spend real money on game gold?

Well, I guess I was a little tempted. I'm not *that* sad, though.

Maybe if I was, I'd have been too busy building to take Cynthia's call... gah, nevermind. I'm trying to take my mind *off* all that.

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