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Scavenge FAIL

Friday night, we played some Shadake. The party headed to Ython to try to find another ship for the realists and a way to stop the invasion of Morpheus, and basically failed.

It was an uncomfortable flight, with so many de-ratted folks on the ship. Cane whipped up a bunch of feriphal potion to help ease the overcrowding, but still...

At any rate, Ython was a world obviously mobilizing for war -- there were fleets of ships, including a bunch of the horrible Face ships that they knew were built from merging people together in strange temples, surrounding the moon and the several auxiliary stations in orbit of the moon.

Luckily, the Brushfire -- renamed the Scythebear just in case -- wasn't recognized, and they were able to approach the moon, navigate through the constant storms surrounding it (nothing like the storms around the Sun), and land at a junkyard, where they started to ask about stuff -- where to find a new ship, how to repair their weapons, was there anywhere to find a guru or some of the special ingredients from Cane's Ython-specific alchemy book he'd picked up AGES ago and actually had the skill to use now.

The junkyard folks told them about seven recent wrecks that might not have been scavenged yet, and the Scythebear's crew made plans to use caravan miracle cream to tow them across the surface of the moon to the scrapyard to see if they could assemble a whole usable ship out of the bits left over. Unfortunately, they decided to drop most of the crew off in Ankor Watt first -- it was where the gurus that Anignoresis was searching for had been seen near, and had a lot of entertainment facilities in the vicinity.

And as they approached the city, their ship was trapped in a giant tree that suddenly grew up around them. By 'giant', I mean 'half a mile tall' and by 'grew up around them', I mean 'they were embedded in the trunk'. None of their magic could touch it, but they were able to open a teleport portal to the ground, so they left the shaman, Nolan, to talk the tree into letting them go with a few real people and a whole bunch of illusionary warriors to protect him and the ship.

Everyone else teleported to the ground and scattered to try to find the gurus, or maybe a way to free their ship. They made and shattered a magic mirror to give each other -- or at least the important folks -- a (clumsy) way to communicate in case of emergencies, and headed to various locations. They found out that a multicolored palace nearby was where 'Enka lived' -- at least a part of him -- and the ship flying too near it had triggered the sudden tree as a defense. They found out that the gurus were all over the place, but avoiding the enforcers of Enka who were searching for them. They also found out that most of the people there were slated to be recruited into the army -- loaded on board a face ship to invade Morpheus.

But before too long, one of the gurus started petting and talking to Takara, and took her to meet 'Cho', their leader, and soon (once they'd established that both the Scythebear's crew and the gurus were opponents of Enka/Vaal) everyone was talking through the mirrors about the gurus' problem -- they needed to get into Enka's temple, so that Cho -- who'd fought 'something like Enka' before -- could use the piece of him trapped there to fashion a weapon against him.

[All the players, and none of the PCs, know that Cho is actually Tacit Inquiry, the force of roughly the same level as Enka, who's responsible for keeping the moons from running into each other. The 'something like Enka' he'd fought was Adam aka Adamant Dominion from the previous campaign -- Cane's former master befoe the destruction of the world. Not that Cane liked him or anything.]

It would take a while for the gurus to get the piece of the Sun that Anignoresis needed to finish his magical anchor -- so if they could, they needed a way to break in to the palace without that. So they started planning along those lines. It seemed likely that if they could locate the doors (which were hidden by illusion and probably insignificance) then they could just walk in, slowly and calmly, and not trigger the automatic defenses like the one that had trapped the Schythebear -- instead, they'd only have to fight the ghosts guarding the place.

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