Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,

My entire workgroup is attending an offsite at Hogwarts

...or something.

There was an 'engineering meeting' mysteriously on my schedule today, in room 1021. No details, just the room number, a time, some dial-in info, and the words 'engineering meeting'.

So, having no idea what it was, I decided to skip it. But then I got to a good place to let my computer chug away on a build around the time it was starting, so I decided to go after all.

...except that there *is* no room 1021. The closest you can get is 1020 (two offices down from me) or maybe 1017 (which is a meeting room, but a really tiny one). I found a map... no room 1021. So I checked all the usual meeting rooms, but no one was in them.

Defeated, I headed back to my office to try the dial up info. The passcode worked, and my phone told me I was entering the conference call, and then... silence. Ten minutes of silence.

I'd almost think that there *was* no meeting, except that the halls are *empty* -- everyone's gone, as if they were at some sort of 'engineering meeting' or something. Obviously, I needed to believe really strongly and run straight at the pillar between rooms 1022 and 1020 to get to the secret train station that would have taken me to the meeting. Or something. @.@
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