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ME2: Complete

...more or less. I got through the suicide mission, and only Miranda died. Since I *hated* her, I'm okay with that.

Why did I hate her? She kidnapped a baby before the game starts, and tricks you into stopping the parents from getting it back. That's her loyalty mission. *After* the mission, she immediately becomes disloyal again if you don't take her side in a stupid slap-fight between her and Jack.

I mean, when Tali and Legion got in a fight, it was over something important. Jack and Miranda were just calling each other names.

Of course, I totally screwed over the galaxy for ME3 -- not only did I start from the blank default which takes all the worst choices from ME1, but I didn't get the Quarians to give up the war with the geth, I *did* make the geth more powerful, I *did* save the genophage cure to make the krogans more powerful, and I even kept the collector base to make cerberus more powerful. It's like I was deliberately trying to go out of my way to tear the galaxy apart with infighting before the reapers even get here...

So what the heck am I going to do to screw things up worse with an 'asshole' run-through? >:) Maybe I can turn Jack, Grunt and Legion directly over to Cerberus to be dissected? I kind of suspect those weren't real options, though.
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