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Friday night we played some Shadake... Rowyn was visiting for the weekend and tried to play Magnus Naperiel, but kind of fell asleep for most of the game due to jet lag. Lots of people also forgot and/or broke their laptops... it was a kind of messed up session, organizationally.

The party had just appeared on Ix via transport beam, surrounded by insane Burmecians and an insane nightmare, Imbrium. More insane than normal. Berzerk, even. Since the transport beams had been used as weapons by an army invading Morpheus, many of the berzerk folks were well armed and able to immediately start shooting people.

The people of Ix were of course defending themselves with their own weapons, and with strange collars that seemed to turn the inzane people into mindless zombies -- an improvement! Cane and Nico wrestled a nearby person to the ground and tried to use calming potion hoping for the same effect, but it only managed to turn berzerk into panicked and fleeing... also an improvement, though.

So Cane jumped on Imbirum, who was zapping people left and right with nightmare waves, and Takara [I think] used a calming potion on her. This didn't stop her from zapping people.

Meanwhile, Kyngeah was studying the berzerk state and trying to heal it -- but it seemed hopeless, enough damage had been done to the people transported by the beams to drive them permanently insane, requiring resurrection-level magic to bring them back. Imbirum wasn't quite as bad off, though, so Kyngeah started following her around casting healing spells... there was a *lot* of damage to heal, though, and it took her ten minutes.

Once Imbirum was cured, she demanded to be returned to Morpheus, which no one could do for her, and tried to stop the fighting by putting everyone on Ix to sleep. The lords of Ix didn't like that, and trapped her in a stasis bubble, which was rolled into the long-term problem storage warehouse to be forgotten about indefinately.

Meanwhile, Cane and the others -- including the illusionary illusionist Magnus, who'd come back sane after being killed and respawning (he does that) -- were trying to convince the Ixians not to kill everyone, especially not their friends. Magnus started conjuring spiderwebs to trap everyone and stop the fighting, which basically worked.

But the Ixians wanted the problem solved more permanently soon -- especially the ones using the collars. The collars were emotional suppression devices that many citizens used voluntarily, and they wanted them back! So they started studying the party, to figure out why they hadn't gone insane, in the hopes that this would lead to a cure.

The short answer was, the party didn't go insane because they weren't really alive -- they were flesh golems animated by magic, with their original souls attached. This was slightly better than the undead state they'd managed to get Xerxes into before (until the Shaman healed him for real), but they had no 'life force', and their brains weren't actually doing their thinking -- it was being simulated by magic.

This did not present any obvious method of curing the victims of the transport beam. So Kyngeah started doing it the hard way -- using astral sight to identify the insane people who were potential priests of Abraxis, then using a slow ritual over and over again until she finally got it right to bring them back, then converting them to actually worship Abraxis, then teaching them how to assist her in the ritual, and then *finally* doing a world-wide broadcast sermon of healing to bring back everyone else, once she had a sufficiently large circle of assistants. This took about a week, all told.

Meanwhile, they were all working with the researchers to build up enough 'data' that they could afford to have the Ixians build them a ship, since 'data' was used as currency on Ix. Their strange state was valuable, and some enchanted tools they could make to see etheric space gave a *lot* of data, by opening up a new field of what was essentially astronomy. So the Ixians agreed to build them a small ship powered by a rocket engine (that they figured Magnus could refuel with illusionary rocket fuel) with a backup nuclear generator to power the magnetic induction drive and the 'mining lasers' that Cane wanted installed (since Ix refused to take part in the war by building a warship). After listening to all the safety warnings about the nuclear reactor, the new ship was christened the Time Bomb.

While Kyngeah was healing and the Ixians were building the ship, Cane was trying to figure out how to replace his alchemy equipment. 'Chemistry' had worked on Morpheus, but Ixian chemistry was far too advanced to be at all useful for alchemy. Ixian cooking supplies were suitable, however.

And Takara kept trying to figure out how to steal from Ix without getting caught -- over and over and over, since the penalty for theft was a fine, and she was obsessed with getting it right.

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