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I shouldn't listen to happy songs

They make me feel like I'm about to disintegrate. This might mean that I'm undead, if positive energy hurts me.

...and they covered up the sun, 'till the birds had flown away! And the fishes in the sea had gone to sleeeeep...

Of course it also fits the profile for 'borderline personality disorder' but I don't think I'm actually *that* crazy. I'm just a little bitey, okay? OKAY?!

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night burping up acid. I *hate* that -- it's painful, and it doesn't stop hurting. Eventually I found a side of my body that I could sleep on without feeling like it was going to happen more, and just ignored the sensation of the acid (which I'd thoroughly rinsed and brushed and gargled away) eating out my entire head from the inside -- like I could feel the empty space expanding moment by moment. It was gone when I woke up at least, except for a cough and a faint taste.

I know what caused it. Gee, do you think it might have something to do with gorging myself on fast food three days in a row? Nah, it must be stomach cancer.

Combine that with vague itchiness (that refuses to confirm or deny bedbug origin) and a... less than triumphant weekend the weekend before last (it was still fun, most of the time, but there were... problems) (problems that require... ellipses) and I feel kind of like I'm made out of paper. That was set on fire. And burned down to ash, but somehow is still holding its shape...

Or maybe that's just the damn cheerful music working on me; I'm pretty sure I wasn't feeling this way yesterday.

'cause the fleet of hope is so pretty when it's shining in the port, and the harbor clings to the jetty for protection and support...

Actually, I'm already feeling a little better by the time I finished writing this, so yeah, blame Erasure.
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