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So this is... good, I think?

Saturday night I got a past due rent notice for like $485.62. I knew that I'd paid the rent -- for one thing, my rent is a LOT more than $485.62! And giving the notice on Saturday night was a total dick move since I wouldn't be able to ask about it until Monday.

"It's probably a computer error, like the last time," I thought, but then I focused on the 0.62. My rent ends in 38. Had I accidentally given them a check for 00.38 instead of 38.00? And the other $450 was nothing but late fees? Those were completely excessive late fees, if so, but I wouldn't put it past them...

Anyway, today I checked my bank account online and, no, the check had been cashed and was for the right amount. So, it must be a computer error after all. Like, maybe the person entering the check entered 00.38 instead of 38.00. That, or they charged me a bunch for something else (like the exterminator) and decided the easiest way to inform me of that was with a pay or vacate notice. Anyway, I can probably work it out Monday. Hopefully without having to pay $500.

I discovered the envelope of DOOM when I was going out to see Alice in Unterland. See, 'wonderland' was a mistake on the young Alice's part during her first visit... jesus fucking christ, why does EVERYONE always want to do Alice in Wonderland: 13 years later? Is it because kids are hard to write? I mean, kids *are* hard to write, so that's a reasonable excuse...

Anyway, the moral of the story is 'if you're crazy, play along with your hallucinations'. And maybe 'women shouldn't get married, because men will hire them out of the blue to be executives instead'.

It did have the dormouse as an incompetent version of Reepicheep, though. And the cheshire cat was done pretty well. The plot needed to be a lot less Flash Gordon, though.
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