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Cheaters Prosper?

Friday we played some Shadake, mostly dealing with the big Drakivolki auction.

Cane, as the only party member willing to make wishes ever (everyone knew it was a bad idea), finally made his wish to bring back Nico.

"I wish I had a better way of resurrecting people than using a damn genie!"

A bird-like death creature appeared, and at Cane's direction brought Nico back to life.

Cane: "What... is this?"
Genie: "Oh, you never see them this side of the veil. But it's definately *yours*."

Some other people made wishes, one of which enhanced the Time Bomb somewhat, another of which scattered the refugees across Midas (someone wished that they could get off the ship already). Cane spent a little time schmoozing with nobles to see if any of the people on Midas would donate funds to 'get the drakivolki away from Enka's service' -- Midas itself couldn't bid because the drakivolki who sold their services at auction were outcasts, but some of the obscenely wealthy merchants and such (thanks to the genies and generations of greedy wishes, the streets were literally paved with gold) were willing to donate to the cause.

Then it was time to leave for the auction -- or rather, about that time Jaxom arrived at Midas, for the auction. There were nineteen bidders -- two from the Time Bomb (selected by the tarot deck), one from Morpheus, two from Amalthea, two from Paladine, one from Ython, and the rest from other moons that weren't involved in the war right then.

The party managed to get the bidder from Ython disqualified by arguing about his elegibility ("Ython doesn't even *exist* anymore, thanks to Enka!") loudly enough to distract security while Takara stole his crate full of money -- with no money, he couldn't bid. They couldn't get the others kicked out so easily, but they pickpocketed some of the chips, and Cane brewed up some love potions to distribute strategically to make the bidders susceptible to overbidding on drakivovlki they'd sudenly fallen in love with. Cane didn't blow up his (replacement) lab in the process, but he did accidentally make his *first* circle of hired alchemists all hate each other and him.

At the end, though, they couldn't hire the entire fleet -- Enka's people got 12% between them, Morpheus only got 8%, various other moons got around 4% each, and the Time Bomb's bidders got 40%. Suddenly, they had their own personal navy. Not one big enough to stand up to Enka's forces, though -- especially not with all the stormlords Amalthea had been generating, and the clockwork swarms.

And of *course* their original intention had been to immediately fly into the sun, which was a very foolish thing to do with a fleet of warships -- the Empire had already lost a fleet that way, and the clockwork had probably lost at least two. More likely uses for a fleet would be liberating Ree before it was permanently under Enka's sway (although it might already be too late), taking over a nearby armory, trying to take out Enka's main clockwork factory, freeing Gaia which the empire was strip-mining, or maybe even just protecting Morpheus while they got hooked back up with Anignoresis and Itsaboy, their side's insane geniuses. The magical anchors in particular were likely to be very effective against the stormlords.

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