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Earth is Doomed, August 11th, 2203

We're all trapped like rats in these giant metal cubes... and most of us don't even have space to move around, we're just locked in pods all our lives -- well, all their lives. I'm one of the lucky ones.

The whole 'ratling' project is just a trap to permanently warehouse Earth's population. 'Cheap to feed'. 'Rarely needs medical care'. 'Doesn't spoil when left in a pod for years on end'.

And it's all the Unity's fault -- they don't exist without the net, so they do their best to get us all hooked on it from the day we're born... well, okay, from around the age of six. You can't really have a sim link younger than that if you want the kid to be able to recognize the existance of a real world. I've heard about people forcing their kids into gestalts as young as *two*, but it's not usually that bad yet.

And the worst part is that I think they got me. I mean, sometimes I look at the walls of my apartment and think of all the hundreds and thousands and *millions* of other people all around me, and it's like I'm trapped in the middle of some giant human hive... and it's actually kind of comforting.

The conspiracy theorists say that the Insectoids won the war... and... okay, they're full of shit. But it's kind of amusing to think about, sometimes.

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