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Biting off move than you can Pew Pew

Friday night we played some Shadake, and started actively searching for some solutions to our problems. It didn't work.

In the control room, Cane remarked that he could think of 'lots of things' that would be useful that weren't present. Dice (the human treasure hunter) asked him to list them off, and when he got to 'Itsaboy' ("he could just bottle the stupid dragons") Dice pointed out a doorway, and said that a way to get to Itsaboy was through there.

It was the radio room, broadcasting the distress signal. They turned the power waaaaay up and sent a quick message telling the Brushfire they were on the elven doomsday weapon and to please come save them if it was possible...

Since Dice could apparently track down things without treasure, and the dragons were the main barrier keeping them from wandering around the ship at will (which would let them adjust the vanes manually and land) they asked him for a safe way to find whatever was controlling the dragons. They were weapons, so there had to be a controller, right?

Dice led them on an extremely convoluted path -- apparently, one of the dragons was hunting them, because it kept showing up in their way over and over. Eventually they ended up outside, in the storm, and Dice froze. "Okay, nowhere is safe, now."

It wasn't a dragon that attacked them, though -- it was a plant! As it climbed up into the wind, the maddening howling started... so Cane pulled out a flaming sword and charged it.

Nico was startled by the howling and tried to take flight -- and was carried off by the storm. [because Snowwy wasn't present]

It was a LOT faster than him, and leapt on him with thorns and tendrils! They couldn't penetrate his armor (they all had really good armor, and Cane had had his specifically enchanted to change shape with him) but his armor didn't cover his whole body, and where they touched his skin they started burrowing in! He cur off the plant-creature's arm, but the remaining tendrils kept trying to devour him, until he ripped them off, tossed them onto the deck, and lit them on fire with Fire Oil. Fire Oil didn't do a lot of damage, but it magically kept whatever you threw it on on fire until the duration expired -- it was the stuff he used to make his sword flaming.

The larger section of plant leapt on Takara and tried to eat her, too, but got cut to bits and a tarp thrown over it to stop it howling. Kyngeah purged them of remaining rootlets, and they... realized that the tarp had been covering a sky-light over the dragon nursery.

A bunch of collared dragons were in cages, and there were hoofprints leading into a back room. "That's where the controller is," Dice pointed out, "In that back room."

Figuring that the room might be occupied, Cane used some passwall paint on the deck over the back room and dropped down onto whoever was inside -- landing on the back of a centaur. A centaur in power armor. The others opened the skylight and dropped into the dragon room, then opened the door normally.

While Cane flailed at his head with his flaming sword -- he was strong enough to penetrate the armor, at least -- the centaur tried to shove him off with his bare hands. Cane managed to dodge the first attempt, but the second shove slammed him against the far wall -- with his armor, the centaur was even stronger than Cane, and much much (MUCH) faster. He also had four hypnotized elves in the corner of the room constantly healing him. Oh, and with Cane off his back, he was able to draw his twin energy swords so that he could make *real* attacks instead of empty-handed punches, each of which would have killed a normal person.

Figuring that this was not a fight they could win, Takara used a 'summon' arrow to try to create a distraction so that Cane could run away, enhancing it with her chaos control. The room filled up with little dice-shaped crystals that started casting buff spells on everyone. Movement was almost impossible, but Cane managed to get a gas-form potion up to his lips to drink it, and escaped the room that way. Then they ran for it, just as three more dragons ran into the room and started digging the centaur out.

"He's the one controlling the dragons," Dice told them. "The centaur."

So much for that!

But for the moment, there were no dragons in the hallway, so they were able to flee back to the Time Bomb to plan their next move. Nico was there -- the Time Bomb folks had seen him getting blown away (or maybe he'd called for help with his magic mirror) and rescued him.

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