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Network is an oxymoron

It's not just the printer.

3 hours wasted yesterday fucking around with stupid network crap that I have no control over -- things just randomly go up and down on the corpnet like fucking ping pong balls, and if you need two things to work *at the same time*, well... sucks to be you.

Then this morning kerberos decided that my 'realm wasn't local to the KDC', so I couldn't do anything until it stopped doing that. That's the official remedy for that error -- 'wait fifteen minutes and try again'.

And of course even after I sync'd to the 'last known good' build last night, my overnight builds were hosed. That's why I was trying to sync again this morning.

After getting Kerberos to work (by waiting fifteen minutes) I decided to sync tools too, in case they'd updated the build system, since the errors looked really weird -- and discovered that they'd updated the source control system, which no longer recognized my credentials. The instructions for fixing *that* were pretty bizarre -- change this setting in this file you never heard of, then go search your hard drive for anything named 'sd.ini' and change it there too. Yay.

Did that, it didn't work. Manager says, 'try rebooting'. So I'm trying to reboot. Been trying for a while, now. My mac doesn't like to reboot.

So, what are the odds the net will work well enough to let me post this rant?
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