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Weight of Greed

Sunday we did play some D+D, although it was mostly just one long fight.

The druid did not accompany the party into the dark ravine from which no one had ever returned, so they trekked on alone until they came to a portal, filled with mist.

Celeste: "Where does the portal go?"
GM: "How do you tell?"
Arial: "Well, how do we know it's a portal?"
GM: "It's a gate full of mist with dwarven runes around it."
Beware: "What do the runes say? I speak dwarven."
GM: "It's gibberish -- too worn down to make out."

Arial sent her familiar through the portal first, and was able to send it through and bring it back without incident, so the party entered the mist. Apparently, the portal didn't go anywhere per-se -- it just led into a room full of mist.

So they decided to make an immediate left turn and follow the wall, touching the person in front of them to keep together because it was *really* dense mist. After Heyyou (taking the lead) almost fell in a pit, they tied themselves together with rope, and started following the edge of the pit.

Then they heard a clanking noise. Clank. Clank. Clank. They approached the noise carefully, until they heard its rhythm shift -- it sounded like it noticed them!

So they attacked! Heyyou and Varnix rushed in to melee... a giant pile of treasure. And it exploded! After some fire spells from the casters burned away some of the mist, they could see that it was actually a treasure golem. A really, really tough treasure golem.

After it dominated the entire party and made them throw their weapons into the pit, Arial suggested they run past it, since it was obviously just guarding the mist, and was kicking their butts. This was vetoed: "It's made out of *treasure*!"

Beware flew into his rage, and jumped into the pit after his weapons, not knowing how deep the pit was but knowing that his rage would let him auto-res if the fall killed him. Fortunately, it was only about fifteen feet deep -- the opportunity attacks (and regular attacks) that he took while going into his rage (which forced him to hit the enemy) took off half his hit points, though. He found everyone's weapons (he found his own weapon *last*, of course) and climbed back up to pass them out. The golem looked like it could only do its dominate-everyone trick once, at least...

Well, twice. Much, much later, the party managed to bloody it, and it dominated half the party again (the rest were staying out of range). This time it made them attack each other, since it looked like it was about to win just by sheer damage output. Bloodying it also gave it twice as many (FOUR) attacks per round, which sucked.

At some point, Celeste decided to just stay in the damn pit, after being shoved into it too many times. She went gaseous and started exploring the room, unmlested since the thing (obviously) saw with tremorsense.

Celeste: "Hey, I found the door! Let's run away!"
Everyone else: "But it's made out of TREASURE!"

It was a narrow victory -- Beware got to use his auto-res from his rage, and a couple other people needed to be stabilized after being taken down, but just as Beware activated his magic fly to get off the ground so that it couldn't target *him* at least (he hadn't done that earlier on the theory that spreading the damage around was better for the party as a whole) the thing was finished off by one last swing of Heyyou's Mordenkrad.

And it was made out of treasure. LOTS AND LOTS of treasure. Plus, the door was a puzzle-door that they couldn't have gone through mid-combat anyway. After taking an extended rest -- and getting trapped inside, because somehow in the ten minutes [cough, three weeks] since they'd entered the rift, they'd forgotten about the whole 'closes at midnight' thing -- they 'solved' the puzzle, and were all reverted to twelve years of age. [and level 2-6, depending on CON, which makes no sense to me given the nature of the effect and isn't even remotely fair to the casters]

But it opened the door!

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