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It wasn't a bad movie. It had some bad parts:
  • AHH FLYING MONKEYS! Is this really Hades' only trick?

  • Yawn, flying... monkey... with... head...... in..... dufflebag... God, the monkey chase scene was about the right length for an interactive sequence in Clash of the Titans the video game, but it went on waaay too long for a passive medium.

  • You've just recovered the ultimate weapon, that can kill anything that lives, and OH MY GOD! Here's your nemesis! Quick, toss it aside and fight him with your sword! I guess stoning the old king would have kept them from having the stupid 'I am your father' moment.

  • Io. Needed to die. No, I mean, and stay dead. The clockwork owl would have been an improvement, and she basically served the same purpose.

  • The Djinn were completely pointless. It's like they originally added them to the script because they had something cool in mind for them, then kind of never got the chance to work it in.

  • It's not clear why Perseus cared about the Argosian soldiers at all. He'd never met them before, he wasn't even from Argos, and they all hated and mocked him.

Good things:
  • Awesome kraken. Yay tentacles!

  • The priest of Hades was a nice way to show (instead of telling) how Hades was tricking Zeus.

  • I liked the shiny god effects. n.n And the smokey firey hades effect was nice too.

  • Aside from Perseus' motivation, the story made sense and was interesting.

  • Perseus father, wearing metal armor, holds his sword up to the sky, in a thunderstorm, and screams that all gods are bastards. I wonder what happens next? Heeheeheeheehee.

It had parts that bored me, and parts that made me cringe, so it didn't pass my 'is it a good movie' test, though. Then again, How To Train Your Dragon failed on the same count. It's apparently not an easy test. O.O
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