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Well, I finally got it to work, last night.

After fighting to the end of chapter 11 in FFXIII, I turned around and went back to the nearest teleporter (which meant fighting all the way through Oerba for a FOURTH time) so that I could check out an area of the map I'd unlocked the barrier to, then never gone back to check on.

It turned out there were a LOT of missions unlocked now -- one on a plateau guarded by giant turtles, three beyond the barrier, and eight in a ring that had been disabled but now were suddenly enabled. Most of them were B ranked or lower, meaning that I actually had a hope in hell of finishing them...

But there was a LOT of fighting through trash mobs to get to the mission marks, even with all the waypoints I'd found enabled. So around 12:30 I got sick of that, and decided to go to bed. But -- hey, why not try the printer with a USB cable?

So I lugged the laptop into my bedroom and started installing the USB version of the drivers. And installing them. And installing them. And... it took a while, is the idea. Eventually it got to the point where I had to plug in the printer, and -- yay! It saw it!

Then it froze trying to print a test page, and I had to bring up the task manager to kill the driver install. But One Note (where my tax forms were most easily printable from; I also had PDF versions somewhere) saw the printer as an option, so it looked like the important part of the installation had completed.

Aaaand... the printer starter printing, but before it had even finished the first page, it started beeping and complaining that I didn't have any ink cartridges installed. So I took all the cartridges out, put the same ones back in, and let it go through the five-minute 'charging ink' process, which let it see the ink. Except for magenta. I had to reseat magenta twice.

But after that it worked, and I was able to print the 20 or so pages of documents that I'm supposed to keep for my records. It makes me a bit leery of what'll happen the next time I'll have to use the printer for anything, though.
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