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Last Friday we *did* play some Shadake, I just keep forgetting to write it up. So:

By the time everyone had regrouped back at the Time Bomb, and Cane's gas-form wore off, the Scythebear/Brushfire had finally arrived -- complaining that they'd been chasing the Time Bomb all over the place, but hadn't been able to catch up with it.

The party filled them in on what they'd been doing, and in return heard that: (a) Itsaboy and Anagnoresis had gotten what they needed from the Sun, but were busy working on some scheme and couldn't be disturbed. (b) The sun was a very dangerous place, full of dwarves and dryads. A dozen or so of each were on the crew. (c) The rogue clockwork (who survived the storm) had attained independance and sentience upon landing on the Sun... and a dozen of THEM had joined the crew too. (d) The incompetent backup pilot had gotten intensive training in storm maneuvering from the Gurus, and was pretty good at flying around in a storm now. (e) The ratling high priestess they'd left on the comet was preaching a religion of violence and war (through their magic mirror, and presuambly others on other moons), and threatening to conquer the universe. Something had to be done to get her to be actually on their side before she joined the Empire, since her philosophy was a pretty good fit for Enka's current activity.

First things first, though -- they didn't dare abandon the Doomsday since its weapon could single-handedly win the war (or wipe out entire races). That meant they had to deal with mister crazy power-armored centaur. "Let's try shooting him through the walls, with laser cannon!"

That didn't work from outside the ship, or through the docking bay walls, because they were shielded, but the laser cannons were mobile (caravan miracle cream + a dwarven concoction, 'instant road', to make the floor suitable for levitation) so they took one into the ship and BOOM!

Unfortunately, the dragon room was empty -- the centaur hadn't stuck around to wait to get shot. There were a couple of the booster-dice still visible down the hole they'd bored through the bulk of the ship, though, so they send one of the clockwork to go get it (because he was small and could climb up walls, they had no small fliers on hand). Nico kept watch on him through the magic mirror -- the thought was that when he was ambushed, they could counter-ambush the ambushers with the cannon.

Unfortunately, their counter-ambush was counter-counter-ambushed by an invisible dragon -- apparently, the dragons could turn invisible!

Dice (the human treasure-hunter), manning the cannon, was instantly shredded -- although he didn't die, and Kyngeah was able to save him. Nico and Cane hacked and blasted at the dragon while it tried to destroy the cannon, and managed to kill it just *after* it finally got past Cane and triggered the mana crystal to discharge all its power. The cannon was destroyed -- and worse yet, its final discharge vaporized their clcokwork scout and the booster-dice it had been sent to retrieve.

...but the dragon wasn't quite dead, and after Dice removed the control... tick... from its throat, and Can poured a potion of calm down its throat, Kyngeah healed it back to consciousness.

The dragon was confused -- it was a real blue dragon, raised in stifling circumstances to become a vicious mindless beast for the Empire. They talked to it about philosophy, got Dice to intuit its name from a bag full of scrabble tiles, and transformed it back into its true form using its own blood as the catalyst for the transformation potion. This only really changed the color of its scales, visually, but the dragon was happy about it.

Xerxes and Nico were able to use sympathetic magic to destroy all the other control ticks in the other dragons -- who'd attacked the Scythebear while the party was fighting the one hand to hand, and been driven off. According to the new blue dragon, who was telepathic, four of them were likely to be re-enslaved by the centaur if they didn't act quickly to attack him. Oh, and by the way, he was holed up in the control room, which only had one remaining entrance and whose walls and doors were famously impenetrable.

What was the plan of attack?

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