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Captain's Log, July 13th, 2203

Another life support monitoring circuit failed. As they are currently the most expendable remaining system, no replacement is available. Rerouting tanks 3-5 to controller three. Estimated time before life support failure: 1-3 weeks. Estimated time to Pandora Station: 2 weeks. Estimated reception at Pandora: unknown.

No change in the singularity -- random wobble when changing course remains. We'd know if this was a deliberate act of sabotage from one of our previous incarnations, wouldn't we? Not alerting the rest of the crew -- there's nothing they could do about it anyway.

Tribal otters continue their constant tedious gossiping. It's almost as if they know we're spying on them and are trying to punish us by boring us to death. We're starting to learn their names, at least, which makes the gossip somewhat easier to follow.

Strange, transient readings on long-range scan the last few days -- almost like the ghost traces we'd occasionally spot travelling through the void beyond the cluster, when we were at Farpoint, but much more numerous. They're clustered around Haven. Chaos suggested they might be ships, but the ships would have to be travelling at approximately 5000 times the speed of light, which would take years of acceleration. Still, we don't have any better theories.

Didn't score with Cadence last night.

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