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Stairway to... slime?

Sunday we played some D+D, with our newly de-levelled characters. One of Tom's kids -- Christa, I think? -- joined the party playing a spear-wielding monk.

After passing through the hourglass door, the party (now all twelve years old or the non-human equivalent) found themselves on a long staircase spiralling down through a void.

And down.

And down.

And down.

After travelling for 24 hours --

Party: "Wait, what?! We would totally have given up walking down the obviously moebius staircase before 24 hours passed."
GM: "Well, you noticed that you were making progress. The little hourglasses have serial numbers on them, which are counting down."
Eric: "How long until they get to zero?"
GM: "About a week."

Celeste tried dropping a light over the edge -- it fell down into infinity, with no sign of hitting bottom. Beware tried to climb up the poles supporting the hourglasses to examine one of them, and the pole snapped off and the hourglass shattered into dust. Between those experiments, they discovered that there seemed to be some sort of field on the staircase protecting them from the time-distorting effects of the void outside.

After another two days, Celeste's light plummeted down towards them, and they retrieved it, unharmed -- the staircase *did* loop, but it took its own sweet time! So, Arial jumped off -- she had a flight spell she thought she could use to catch herself at the bottom and/or get back on the staircase.

Two and a half days later, she rejoined them on the staircase. "Well, that was interesting. I de-aged as I fell until I was a gamete, then respawned at the top as an ancient decrepit old lady and de-aged until I was back 12 years old with you guys."

Celeste: "So what's at the bottom?"
GM: "She doesn't know, she was a baby."
Beware: "I bet it's a pile of dead babies."

A little while later, Arial was able to use her flight spell to rescue a plummeting person who'd been looping for longer than she could remember. She didn't seem armed or dangerous, so they agreed to escort her to safety.

Another day or two later, they got to the bottom. The staircase ended at a large platform, with several hovering will-o-wisp things and a misty portal. There was no pile of dead babies.

No one was sure what to do -- were the wisps hostile? Should they try to talk? So Beware attacked the wisps, solving that dilemma -- after being shot at, they were hostile. They were also *annoying*, with power over time that let them reset all damage that had been done to both sides during a round of combat, in a small burst. They could also fly around weakening multiple people. So the party scattered all over the place, and eventually managed to take them out.

During the fight, ASM revealed herself to be an adventurer -- she pulled a spear out of her glove of storing, and helped fight off the wisps. Not a lot to say about that, she wasn't especially effective or ineffective in the fight.

After the wisps were dead ('Time mephits', technically) the misty portal turned into a giant face. "I am the gateway to all of time! Where do you want to go?"

Beware replied instantly, as in before anyone could stop him, "Take us to the root of Silvanis!"

The face replied, "You will find it at the end of the rainbow, but it will be a perilous juorney!"

Arial: "So? We're adventurers."

So they found themselves in a giant intestine, where multicolored slimes tried to eat them -- a green slime engulfed Heyyou but couldn't get through all his temporary hit points, a pack of grey slimes failed to actually drop on top of anyone because they were spotted in time, and got roasted by Beware, and a blue slime slithered up and was surrounded and beaten to jelly.

Beyond the slimes was a staircase, leading down...

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Monk wouldn't be my choice of character classes for a new player -- they're 'special'. They use weapons but only as implements, including an improved unarmed attack, specially made for them, that they NEVER USE because all their attacks are implement powers.

Well, okay, they use it for opp attacks. Although their opp attacks suck unless you specifically build to make them not suck, since their prime stat is dex instead of strength and none of their attacks count as basic melee.

To make things even less well suited for newbies, all their powers tend to move themselves around, making them all about tactical positioning. ASM mostly ended up using basic melee attacks to stab things with the spear, because the other options were confusing. Although she did use an encounter attack once because it did more damage.
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