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Captain's Log, July 20th, 2203

Starfurry guards are in place at the airlocks. Chief thinks it was his own idea. Now, how do we accidentally provide them with weapons?

Civilian traffic in the system does not match the patterns we remember -- apparently, Pandora Station is no longer the transit hub it once was. There is a reassuring amount of economic activity taking place in the system, at least. Reassuring from the point of view of acquiring and maintaining a civilian identity -- disturbing from any other point of view. The CEC is obviously investing a lot of time and effort into developing a region of space in which it forbids basic medical care for plague victims. Then again, it's no surprise that the CEC would rather risk civilians than let an entire cluster lie fallow.

Win is extremely cooperative. We should see if we can get her to mate with Chaos, to ensure he remains similarly cooperative. Unfortunately, that technique is unlikely to work on Limit -- we can only hope his concern for Arc is enough to keep him under control.

Didn't score with Lick last night. THAT WAS A JOKE.

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