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Captain's Log, July 21st, 2203, supplemental

We should have expected this. The Green Dragon re-released the old warrants and warning bulletins about our ship, which is jeopardizing our ability to engage in legitmate business. Fortunately, we've located someone who appears to be a representative for the system's illegitimate businesses.

We've also received a signal from what appears to be an interstellar network, and although we're too far from the beacon to establish a proper connection, the information we've managed to collect paints a very clear picture. We're doomed.

Still, where there's life, there's hope. And spite. With the help of the other miscreants and malcontents in this system, perhaps we can cause some difficulty for the CEC before they take us out.

Also, the representative also failed to score with Cadence. This makes us happy.

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