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Captain's Log, July 22nd, 2203

We've given in to various pressures and forged a replacement for our Ottermaster. So far, we've used it to attempt to fix Cadence's attitude problem, with what seems like at least partial success, although of course the jury is still out on that.

We also plan to use it to more thoroughly investigate Whiskers' claim of 'spiritual contact' with the dead space otters' cybernetics. It's obvious that he's been able to accomplish *something*, but we'd like to know exactly how much of his made up bullshit is made up bullshit.

That's for later. Our immediate plans for it involve Silver and Arc, and a practical experiment in combining narcotic overrides with an active gestalt link. Limit and Mud are about to try to work a hapless space otter tribe into a patriotic frenzy, and the self-righteous rhetoric is likely to far exceed our tolerance level while sober.

But we have a replacement Ottermaster now. Score!

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