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Splice is Nice

I actually saw this Saturday night, after a loooong WT session. It was the last show of the night, but it wasn't sitting in front of my computer at least! From the previews I expected an ordinary horror film, but somehow it had gotten good reviews. The heck?

Yeah, it's not a horror film. It's a psycho-drama about a woman who was abused by her mother and goes on to abuse her own kid, with the excuse that the kid isn't really human.

Meanwhile, you've got a 'father' who tries to murder the kid repeatedly and then eventually sleeps with her. I mean, it. The experiment. Which isn't human, and isn't related to him, so it can't actually be statutory rape. Besides, she has a scary poison stinger and holds him down!

Number of people killed by scary poison stinger: 3.
Number of people whose clothes are torn off by scary poison stinger: 2

Meanwhile, the (comedy) subplot is about how their company is failing because they don't have time for work while also raising a kid (in the storage closet). This culminates in the WORST. DEMO. EVER.

So, yeah. It's a good film. You should see it. Especially if you're a furry, because then the sex scene will be hot. >:)
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