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Captain's Log, July 22nd, 2203, Supplemental

We suspected that experimenting with artificially modifying our brain chemistry would be different than our memories of Silver's long decade of 'experimentation', but we expected it to be less intense. This expectation was not fulfilled, in the most wonderful way possible!

Serene and perfect bliss...

Imagine the level of contentment you'd need to sit there, watching calmly as your friends were raped and murdered in front of your eyes, unable to act because compared to the wonderful things happening inside your mind, it was a meaningless twinge of regret, soon forgotten.

Even the hangover is wonderful -- a lingering tingly sense of well being, our stiff muscles reminiscent of the satisfying ache after rewarding physical activity. We knew Christina was deliberately sabotaging Silver's aftereffects, but not to this extent!

Best of all, it's not addictive. Which is fortunate, because being unable to voluntarily end the condition nearly led to the destruction of the ship, so we shouldn't allow ourselves to indulge again until we've docked. Or at least secured the services of a backup engineer.

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