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Mausoleum of DEATH

Friday night we played some GURPS.

After Armitage time-slipped the templar and ran into place to keep him from reappearing, Gamble and Thor'den ran up to support him, getting in the way of the wraiths who moved to support him. Two of the robed figures were actually necrcomancers, however, and started casting spells. Armitage tossed a mage-bane grenade at one of them, who tried (but failed) to catch it and throw it back -- his spell was ruined, and he wouldn't be able to cast spells for an hour. The other had a hand chopped off by Gamble, but that didn't ruin his Panic spell, and while Armitage himself resisted, Gamble and Thor'den were sent running, and were basically out of the fight.

Well, Gamble was out of the fight -- she got away. Thor'den was caught and surrounded by the zombies the magic-nulled necromancer had summoned using his backup plan of screaming for his animated zombies to come save him, and vanished under the press of undead bodies. Since Sadie and Carnelian were stunning enemies ineffectively and freeing prisoners respectively, and Serene was still watching invisibly from above, that left Armitage effectively alone against the wraiths.

They couldn't lay a finger on him.

Serene saw that there were more enemies lurking -- a pair of owl mages cast invisibility, then started shooting sun-bolts. HOLY sun-bolts, one of which burned off Armitage's foot. Armitage replied with a stench cloud arrow at the door, which made it even harder for the party to run away, but failed to do much to the owls as they fired another volley of sun-bolts... but this time, Armitage *caught* one of them, and used it to burn off the magic-nullified necromancer's foot.

Eventually, Carnelian finished freeing the prisoners, and then passed out knives and told them to join in the fight to free themselves! For a little while they seemed to be holding their own against the wraiths... and they were definately a distraction, that let Carnelian sneak over behind the remaining necromancer -- who'd panicked Sadie, then failed repeatedly to do the same to Armitage -- and cut off his other hand, ending his casting career. Since he was no longer a threat, Armitage teleported him back to his wagon, followed quickly by Sadie. But then, two things happened.

The first was that he decided to open the secret drawer in the necromantic altar to loot it, using a time-out spell. This would have been fine -- a wraith was caught in the spell with him, but his snow-blast wand tossed that enemy away -- except that it meant stepping off the spot where the time-slipped Templar was waiting to reappear, bringing that enemy back into the fight.

The second was that the owls finally finished casting their Evisceration spells, and dove for Carnelian and Armitage to try to insta-kill them by removing their hearts. Carnelian managed to resist the spell, though, and Armitage kept dodging the invisible own on him long enough for the owl to finally critically fail and accidentally eviscerate himself.

By that point, the 'rescued prisoners' were almost all dead or unconscious again, despite Serene's support with healing spells, the stench cloud had almost filled the entire room, and while Carnelian had managed to take off the Templar's hand with a sneak-attack fire jet, that just made him drop his sword (which Serene stole) and fall back to heal himself with a regeneration powerup. Carnelian did manage to also filch his shield before Armitage teleported her away, though. Then, after surviving a full focused volley of wraiths and sunbolts and magic arrows from the Templar, Armitage teleported himself away too.

Serene left the scene, and linked up with Gamble, who was cowering in the corner of the graveyard. There were strange lights playing across the mystic mist covering the sky, but after leaving the graveyard they couldn't see any obvious source. So they headed back to the city, despite Gamble's wish to run back into the fight -- the Templar was like the bird they'd seen afterwards. It had to die! Serene convinced her not to try to make him die *right then* since the forces left were overwhelming, at least.

No one knew what became of Thor'den, although it looked like the necromancers were taking prisoners, so maybe he'd survive.

Back at the wagon, they tried breifly to figure out how to interrogate the necromancer -- Carnelian didn't want any part of the interrogation and wandered off -- but then Armitage decided to just tie him up and hand him over to the Templars at the pillar. So he teleported down there...

...to find three of the Golden Circle mages dead, and the rest huddling under an utter dome to hold out the large force of Templars assaulting their position. The templars just waited them out, until the low-mana zone reverted to a null-mana zone, then knocked them unconscious or maybe killed them, and sealed the zone properly. Using the necromancer Armitage had brought as a sacrifice, since under the robe it was a satyr.

The sacrifice nicely sealed the rift, as they'd promised. This pillar, at least, was safe.

They were not amused that Armitage had brought in one of their own agents as a replacement sacrifice, though -- even less amused when they heard that it meant a delay in getting the kidnap victims to them -- and decided to hold Armitage for the moment. Besides, he knew too much about their secrets, so they needed for him to either join them, or die.

But all wasn't well and good -- the pillars were under control, but there were the three mapped secondary sites, that the templars were too distracted to attend to in time. Their spreading influence caused several sink-holes that sent whole city blocks crumbling into the tunnels below... as Carnelian discovered when she returned to check on the wagon, and found the scene of disaster instead.

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Blah. The last part of the session was ridiculously rushed because the fight with the necromancers dragged on sooooo loooong. And I couldn't just delay the next part, since it was where Armitage got taken out of the game -- which I had to do that night because Lazar is leaving for california.

It especially sucked for Gamble, who was taken out in the first round basically and had nothing to do the whole night. Damn it.
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