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Captain's Log, July 26th, 2203

Today we visited the Lindsey's Star 'flea market', sort of like a black market without the contraband. The proprietor and organizer of the market was rather difficult to understand, but affable enough, and offered us all hospitality -- food, air, and pretty women -- at no charge. So of course Limit had to kill him.

That isn't what disturbs us. We were forced to use the flea market because the traditional stations will not trade with us. Was this market part of the logistics network keeping the Green Dragon and the other plague ships supplied? Considering the state of most of the people at the market -- that is, former plague victims given the illegal cure that the CEC insists turns them into walking time-bombs -- was this, in fact, an operation set up by Eight Green Dragons? Was Spike one of their crew? Did he, perhaps, send them a message telling them that we're here? Are they on their way right now to destroy us?!

If it wasn't literal suicide to try to move the ship right now, we'd be asking these questions from as far away as possible, in case the answer is 'yes'.

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