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Captain's Log, July 27th 2203

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! We're stuck here!

The merchants all ran off after the party, taking their goods with them. We have everyone who isn't needed in the training sim scouring the area for whatever Spike was using to power his habitats. If we're lucky, he was using massive energy sinks, which he could have visiting ships spin up for him. If we're unlucky, he was using solar cells, fusion power, or perhaps a perpetual motion machine. Although we probably would have found the PMM by now; they need to glow brightly in order to work, and the ones you can build with a fabber tend to be huge.

And fusion is dangerously unstable, and solar power is inefficient in this orbit. There's a reason most 'emergency generators' are actually energy sinks. Of course, with our luck, we'll find out he was powering the lights and cyclers using improvised generators based around repulsor rings.

Or we'll find his energy sinks, all topped off and useless to us.

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