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I've started playing IWD2 again with a different party, because I'm just not in the mood for action games, I guess. Or maybe it's too much effort to turn on the PS2 (I need to also pick up the TV remote so that I can switch inputs).

Actually, I've been playing a bit of Silpheed. I *love* Silpheed, and I'm not sure why. I can't get past the bit where you have to fight your own carrier, though (the miniboss after you fight the resupply ship, IIRC). Lately I keep getting killed in the warp tunnel, though. Out of practice.

Summoner 2 and Sly Cooper are supposed to be out today, so I'll probably start playing them. Tomorrow. Tonight is Lance's game again. Unless he's sick. He sent mail saying he might be sick. PnP RPG campaigns tend to have a rather high rate of cancellation, I've noticed... that's one reason I'm in so many.

Now, it's time for work. But first... lunch!
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