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Dragon Warrior IX: Almost to the end! Two more bosses to go! The first end boss was *really easy* even though I decided to stick with a balanced group of level 30ish vocations instead of the random assortment I had at 39. OTOH, the first end boss is supposed to be really easy.

Starcraft II: I bought this because the only RTS I ever finished (oops, I forgot Halo Wars!) was Warcraft III, which is also by Blizzard. Obviously, their next RTS would also be the sort of thing I could get into! Spot the obvious glaring error in this logic!

So far it's been fun enough, although it keeps throwing new units at me with no clear distinction between them. Well, okay, not quite NO distinction.

Marines: 'We're your only units that can shoot down planes for a long time!'
Medics: 'We pretend to heal your marines but really just kind of fail. Don't build us.'
Flamey-guys: 'Notice how all our upgrade videos show us shooting zerg? Only use us against Zerg.'
Grenade-guys: 'Notice how all our upgrade videos show us shooting protoss? Only use us against Protoss.'
Reapers: 'We just suck, but we have a gimmick where we can jump down cliffs so on some maps you need to build us. It's convenient because they can put in a single air unit in the places they don't want us to go and it'll slaughter us all because we can't attack air.'
Go-karts: 'What? Noooo, we're not flamey-guys in go-karts. We're our own unit! See, we're faster!'
Weird zoid-looking thing: 'Nooo, we're not grenade-guys in go-karts. We shoot lightning!'
Locust mechs: 'Oh please, we are NOT just more expensive marines. We don't even FIT in bunkers.'

The next mission is supposed to introduce mine-laying bikers. I suspect they'll be useless for anything but minelaying, and I'll file them in the reaper bin of 'gimmicky unit I never use unless forced'.

Going Rogue: Yay it's out! I stopped playing in the Beta because I didn't want to use up all the new content. c.c The storylines are neat -- although do they *really* have to make you a triple agent right out of the gate? -- but the forced-solo missions are EXACTLY AS ANNOYING AS PREDICTED ARGH. Why did I roll a controller?

In non-praetorian news, tips drop FAST.

I also went to see Scott Pilgrim vs the World. It was amusing, and obviously had high production values, but the plot made no sense. Maybe it'd make more sense if I'd dated more as a teenager? I guess I liked it.
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