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I tried the basic Starcraft II challenges, and I did... okay. I got the 'bronze' level achievement for the three tactical micromanagement challenges. Of course, all of them are basically turn-based since you have as much time as you want to set up before hitting the 'okay attack me now' button. And I still only got bronze.

I also finished the main quest of Dragon Quest IX. Apparently, level 30 characters are over-levelled for the boss fights if you also have level 27 or higher is five other classes to back that up. Corvus in his end-boss form was doing 1 point of damage to my guys with his attack (after I kabuffed twice and doubled up once). And they all had reflect up from shield skills, so his magic spells just hit himself. Kind of weird that he didn't use disrupting wave like in his earlier form.

No! Wait! He used it once, at the very start of the fight, before any of my people had had a chance to go. So I guess I just got lucky on that count although it was only really one turn of setup if I ignored the bounces. Two turns if I wanted to bounce things. He mostly used physical attacks so I don't think I would have bothered.

Aaaanyway, then I went on to kill the Leviathan AGAIN (he was harder than Corvus! Because he had a tidal wave attack that nothing seemed to stop that did like 100 points of damage to everyone) so that I could stop being a puny mortal and see the starlight express again, and then... I've been going around trying to clean up some quests.

Although the quests are SO ANNOYING. 'Kill tigertaurs with sap and fire fource' wasn't that bad except you had to do it TEN TIMES. But then I'm on to 'kill infernal armors with pincushion'. Pincushion is... not... a useful power for doing damage. It does back 25% of the damage you take. If I strip my characters naked, use double up to lower my defense, and hit the infernal armor once with Zammle (a spell it's strong against so that it doesn't die), I've only got about ten hits with pincushion before they die. And sometimes they summon healer slimes instead of attacking. The biggest frustration was when my character DODGED though. No! Bad! You want to be hit!

... so, um, I hope pokemon black comes out soon? >:)
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