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Captain's Log, July 28th, 2203

If anyone is reading this, then we did not survive what apparently was not the complete destruction of the Black Griffon, since otherwise this record would have been lost as well. If you are one of the likely candidates to be reading this, then you probably don't believe that we're actually dead, since we faked our death before in a nearly identical manner.

We don't care. Because we're really dead this time.

Arc: Thank you for abiding as our component for nearly a year. Hopefully, the experience was educational rather than emotionally scarring.
Silver: Assuming you somehow survived, we apologize for putting you into such a dangerous situation again.
Win: You were always our favorite. At least, ever since that time with the pudding.
Sparkle: You really need to stop volunteering for things that will get you killed. If you have already been killed, disregard this advice.
Cadence: Find someone qualified to fix your cybernetic overrides. We advise against selecting Mud or any of his friends, or anyone who offers to do it for free.
Chaos: You owe us a ship.
Limit: We hope you're happy. We also hope you win.
Mud: Remember your promise.

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