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Asshole Vandals

It was bad enough when someone managed to write 'wash me' in the nearly invulnerable layer of sap last year (although it did turn out to be a clue that the sap wasn't as invulnerable as I thought -- after several days of rain it was actually removable in an ordinary carwash even).

For this year's vandalism someone spraypainted 'VHX-scribble' on my trunk. This, of course, led to a wild-rushed panic that ended in me deciding to buy some white spray paint to paint over it with until I could figure out what to do about it on a more permanent basis.

(The other ideas were 'take it to get repainted', 'call my insurance agent', and 'do nothing and leave it there forever'.)

Fortunately, I couldn't find any spraypaint. I did find some cleaner that promised to clean up 'paint splatters' and to be safe for a car's finish. And... it more or less worked to clean it off. Ugh.

When I got home I noticed that the asshole vandals had scribed a much larger and more elaborate version of the same symbol on the back of the apartment complex. Yaaaaaay.
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