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Kitkat Pudding

Last night we played some GURPS... the party invaded the town of KitKat, fought off its native night-life, and were treated to chocolate and pistachio pudding by its ghosts.

From a distance, the town of KitKat was large and sprawling -- with lots of small buildings instead of the densely packed towers of the City of Darkness. Closer up, it was also ruined. A decade of occasional Maenad deprivations had resulted in most of the buildings being smashed and burned and looted to various degrees. Carnelian suggested that they ignore most of the ruins, and proceed to the center of town where the largest buildings would be. "The mages probably had a tower. Wizards love towers."

Sure enough, in the center of town were two buildings that the Maenads hadn't been able to destroy -- a tower, and a fortress. Serene cast 'seek magic' to find the nearest magical item, and it led her towards... a random ruined building, somewhere in the basement.

So Carnelian carefully walked across the rickety floor to the hole where half the building had collapsed, and started squeezing down into the basement... at which point the glowbugs (the town had random, sparse populations of glowbugs) in the basement formed into glowing wolves, and tried to help pull her down. She tossed a continual light to distract them, but it only distracted about half of them, and the others yanked her down into the now well-lit basement. PLOP!

Serene thought that this was a bad sign, and ran into the house to follow her. This turned out to be easier than expected, as the floor collapsed under her instantly, dumping her into the basement.

Gamble and the squirrels stayed outside to guard the horses, while Serene and Carnelian fought the glowbugs -- glowbugs weren't amazingly powerful, so he didn't think they'd need his help. He was right. Carnelian lit one on fire with a flame jet, then spread that flame around to the surrounding rubble with shape fire (the buildings were made out of wood and plaster -- very flammable). Serene went incorporeal and started squashing bugs with her mace, while attracting their useless attacks -- they didn't know she was incorporeal because they mostly kept missing anyway, and they were pretty stupid.

But meanwhile, a couple of maenad deer-satyr girls were attracted by the noise, and came up to investigate. Gamble tried to intimidate them with his pistol, but one's reaction was to step forwards and try to grab it, curiously... at which point he shot her in the leg. And the squirrel who'd bought a bandolier of shotguns finished her off with a blast at close range. That made the other maenad scream and attack, but they made short work of her, too.

Serene and Carnelian came out just as the maenads attracted by the screams attacked. Carnelian activated the 'perception field' she'd stolen from the lord of darkness' tower, which seemed to make people ignore her, even while she was shooting them. Serene didn't want people to ignore her, since she was still incorporeal and therefore basically invulnerable, and made herself a target while swinging around with her made. The squirrel mage stunned two of the maenads before they even got close... Gamble figured out that chopping off peoples' heads made them stop fighting faster than just trying to hack them to pieces with sheer damage (although, technically, it still took a while for them to die)... and then the *horses* joined in. It was a slaughter.

Oh, and the magic item in the basement was a ring and a magic club on the skeleton of a satyr, which Serene planned to identify at some point.

So, on to the tower. The tower was black to magic sight -- the thick stone walls were in a null-magic zone. So was the thick, very locked door. There *was* a teleport circle glowing (even to normal vision) on the street in front of the tower, but Carnelian figured out how to unlock the door before Serene managed to decipher its conditions for activation.

The door opened into an antechamber with ten suspicious looking statues (statues of various elementals, and wraiths) and the other end of the teleport circle. After a bit of discussion, Carnelian went ahead and stepped inside. The two earth elemental statues animated, and demanded that she state her business.

Carnelian: "I'm here to visit the magister!"
Elementals: "State the name of the magister you are here to visit!"
Carnelian: "The head one."
Elementals: "State the name of the magister you are here to visit!"
Carnelian: "It's very important..."
Elementals: "State the name of the magister you are here to visit!"

So she backed out before they could pummel her for intruding, and the party put their heads together to see if they could figure out a way to get the magister's name. "You know, all the mages from KitKat moved to our city not too long ago. I don't suppose any of you remember their names?" Carnelian went back inside and started ratting off all the names of mages that they knew of who'd moved to the City of Darkness at about the right time, and eventually got a hit. The Elementals were satisfied, and let them enter.

They made their way up through various boring, abandoned living quarters, until they finally found a library. A library without books. It *did* have some magical equipment in the center, though. Serene decided to catalog the books first, and spent a few minutes sorting through them. Until Gamble noticed that his sword was missing. So was Serene's mace.

Carnelian: "My guns are still here... are they still loaded, though?"
Squirrel w/ shotgun: "Let me check!"

The squirrel peered into his barrel, and yanked his head back as something started to ooze out of it, getting the brown goop all over his arm instead. He screamed in terror, dropped the gun, and ran around in a panic. Serene sensed necromantic magic in the ooze 'not like a spell, more like the special ability of some undead', and used a 'Cleansing' spell to remove it from the squirrel quickly, after which he calmed down. And they realized that it was chocolate pudding.

They also found the missing weapons, held in the hands of several statues on the same level.

Since they were being harassed, and the books didn't look that interesting, they decided to move up. Serene could tell that something was examining her as they walked up the stairs, but apparently she qualified because nothing stopped them. The next level was also a library, but had been cleaned out more carefully, and also had some magical equipment -- another laboratory, this one better than the one below.

They moved up another level, and this time found themselves in a chamber of mirrors, showing random scenes from around the moon, half of them in daylight of course, which kept the room brightly lit. Carnelian touched a mirror, and it blanked, but she figured out that if she thought of somewhere (specifically or vaguely) it would try to satisfy the request. 'Something sunny' showed the view from a crumbling mage tower in the middle of the desert, though, so apparently its directed connection was limited to other magic mirrors. At least for vague requests.

The mirrors were not portals.

They also started filling with visions of fire, starting at one mirror near the stairs, and slowly spreading around the room. Serene tried to examine what was happening from the ethereal plane, and found herself surrounded by 'squidgies' -- vaguely humanoid ghosts with lots of tentacles. Two of them tried to touch her with tentacles, but she dodged them and went solid again.

Then Carnelian heard a noise downstairs, and they noticed the squirrels were missing. AGAIN. They left Gamble alone to watch the mirrors while the two of them ran downstairs to find out what the damn squirrels were up to this time.

When Gamble was along in the room, the mirrors all turned to fire... with glowing eyes... and a hand, reaching out from each mirror (or towards each mirror perhaps)... and then he ran downstairs with the others. "No."

They found one squirrel hiding behind a tapestry, babbling about how his friend had 'vanished into the floor'. "I looked away for a second, and when I looked back his hand was slipping underneath, like the floor had turned to goo!" This lead to a general manhunt -- Carnelian tried to use the perception field to sneak up on whatever had taken the squirrel, but apparently the perception field made the 'squidgies' visible. And capable of seeing the living. And touching them with their tentacles. One touched Carnelian. It was not pleasant, so she turned the field off.

They found the squirrel manacled to a bed several levels down, naked and covered in pistachio pudding. When Carnelian approached, he vomited more pistachio pudding at her. "I will release the squirrel, if you appease me! It's been so loooong since I've had a kiss from a pretty girl. Just one kiss!"

Serene was having none of this, and dragged the spirit out of the squirrel's body with 'Command Spirit', then ordered it to stand still and take no action while she cast 'Affect Spirits' on Gamble's weapon, and let him dispatch the creature.

After that demonstration, the other spirits stopped playing pranks, and she was able to complete her research in peace.

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