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Kindle DOOM

I shoved a bunch of things in my pockets before going to pick up rowyn at the airport for last weekend's visit. One of them was my Kindle that I wanted to show off maybe, or possibly use. And I did use it waiting for her at the airport actually -- I got there like an hour early.

Somehow, between the airport and the hotel room, it broke. Like, when I took it out of my pocket at the hotel, the two halves had come unsnapped and while I could snap them back together, the top third of the screen was ruined. Later this ruination spread to the whole screen and it's now completely gibberish.

Amazon said they'd send me a replacement... they said it would be free but I have to return the old one and I'm worried they'll say it was my fault of course since it probably was somehow. Although when they asked if I got it wet, dropped it, or put any pressure on the screen, I told them the truth -- 'no, no, and I didn't do it on purpose but I was carrying it around in my pocket so it's possible I could have done it without noticing'.

Blah. Stupid fragile electronics. What's the point of pocket devices you can't put in your pocket?
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