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According to the Prophecy

Sunday afternoon we played some D+D. After escaping from the gem, the party got lost in a trap-filled maze until a ghost told them how to get to an even more dangerous trap. I mean, to their goal.

Beware was the first to emerge into the green-lit hallway, facing another crystal golem with its cluster of zappy orbs. Not wanting to fight the golem all by himself, while he was dazed from the teleport, he backed away slowly, and... it didn't attack.

The rest of the party showed up relatively quickly -- time inside the gem had been compressed. So... they could have rested there safely. Oops.

Anyway, there were two ways to go -- but first, they decided to take a rest there in the hallway, since it didn't seem likely that the shadows chasing them would be able to find their way through all the damn traps and mazes.

One way quickly led to an obvious trap, so they headed the other way and... ran into an obvious trap. After some easily avoided spikes and stuff, there was a circular room with 26 doors, all with a different symbol. Azm found some traps behind a couple of the doors, but none of them would open while the door they'd come in through was still open. So Beware jury-rigged it to think that it had closed, and... the room spun. With the door open so they could watch the wall spinning past, they could tell for sure which was it was spinning and guess how far -- Azm confirmed it by verifying that the trap had moved 8 doors down.

It was a good thing the rigged-open door hadn't passed any traps, though -- it would have set them all off!

With that, they were able to figure out where the opposite side of the room waas and continue onwards. They passed an archery trap where you had to make a series of increasingly difficult bow-shots to lower some walls with targets on them, getting blasted with flame for every miss. Unfortunately, they didn't have any archers with them and Azm's shuriken only did the trick for the first couple... so Beware teleported a few of them past the murderslit so that they could cheat.

They got a little further and found the ghost of a dwarf -- the ghost of the dwarf whose corpse they'd removed the root from while back in time -- who told them that Moradin had sent him to tell them that they were horribly lost and that if they continued on they'd mostly all die. Except for the holder of the root, who'd never succeed on his own. They had to turn back and enter 'the raindrop corridor' which would take them to the ancient field. There, they would have to move quickly to avoid the Guardian of Eyes and reach the observation deck, where a leap of faith would take them to the unseen maze. If they made it through the unseen maze ('which only exists while sunlight falls on it') they could reach the arcane tower, where they'd find a critical item for dealing with the dragon sleeping in front of the door to the library. If they were too slow, they'd fall to the courtyard and have to fight the dragon normally. And probably all die.

Knowing that the room rotated -- and figuring out that the waterdrop hall was right next to the trap Azm was able to sense behind the door after the rotation -- they were able to navigate to the ancient field, which was now an ancient forest. There, Beware climbed a tree to get the lay of the land, and they were all attacked by spiders.

Giant phase spiders. Dozens of giant phase spiders -- and they weren't easy to kill! Especially since they refused to cluster up for AoEs, and the terrain was ludicrously in their favor -- they could teleport 10 squares with a move action, while the party's teleportation was warped randomly by the keep's exterior distortion field, and the whole overgrown mess of plants was difficult terrain.

One of them kept Beware trapped up in the tree for most of the fight, but he kept throwing off the webs enough to keep from actually being eaten. Below, Ariel conjured up a whirlwind to toss the spiders into a ring around Heyyou, who then turned himself into a whirlwind of swirling hammers, killing a bunch of them.

Varnix did a couple standing long jumps -- much faster than walking, through the plants -- to get into the middle of the spiders, and set off some massive radiant AoEs, while Azm and Warren turned into a dragon and a whirlwind respectively to fly around and fight them one by one. They'd taken out eleven of the damn things when beams of light from out of sight started freezing spiders and setting them on fire -- the Guardian of Eyes approached!

So they had to fight a giant insane beholder, who constantly barraged them with eye beams if they got close, and bit, and stunned with its own massive central eye. The party spent most of the fight breaking out of one hindering effect after another (or desperately healing themselves while they disintegrated or 'unravelled') but they were able to keep enough attacks flowing at the guardian (if it was really the guardian) to take it down without anyone dying. Quite. Although Beware spent most of the fight being repeatedly slammed against the wall and restrained with webs of force instead of webs of spider silk.

They also really hoped that that was the guardian... and that the surviving spiders wouldn't come back before they'd crossed the field.

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