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That's it, this means war! August 10th, 2203

Of course we're already at war I guess but now we're at DOUBLE SUPER SECRET WAR! Those... those...

Do you think it was easy convincing the *sane* people to pick up guns and work together? Limit and I spent like six hours in the chatrooms getting them organized, and walking them through the basics of station warfare and defensive emplacements. I wanted to just mail them the link AGAIN and shout 'RTFM' but they get a pass because they weren't soldiers. And because half of them are dead now.

Then those god damned jackbooted thugs show up with an endless swarm of battle robots and blow everything to shit, claiming that their own people were a secret resistance cell because we *talked* to them.

That's it. I don't care what Limit says, I'm done trying to play nice with the CEC. Especially that fucking prissy AI running the bombardment ship. Cold-hearted mass-murdering bitch.

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