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Test Run

Friday night we more or less finished up characters, and started playing a Champions game (6th edition rules) in the Silent Mobius universe. Which is apparently an anime that only the GM has ever seen, although some of the other players have seen an episode here and there.

The party is (names are changed until people tell me what their characters' names are):
Exploding Squirrel (that's me): A superintelligent cybernetic squirrel with a wide variety of technical and stealth skills, a supply of explosives, and a very large pistol (for a squirrel).
Pretty Princess (Murdock): A magician who casts defensive and healing spells and chops up bad guys with a big magic sword.
Creepy Psychic Chick (Chris): See 'elfen leid'. She has TK 'vectors'. That can slice people into very small pieces, or pick up tanks.
Kagome (NPC): Super-powerful GMPC with mega-katana powers of doom.
Aeris (NPC): Super-powerful GMPC with mega-social powers of doom.

The party, a squad of elite AMP officers in Seattle, was sent out to save the non-mobile-suit police from getting themselves killed investigating a 'mass murderer' in a warehouse that was probably an Ether-Hawk incursion. Ether Hawks were demons from another world that came through a massive breach in reality that had destroyed and polluted most of Earth, leaving only a few cities more or less intact. They tended to teleport, desolidify, and murder people for no reason.

While Aeris told the cops that they were coming, the rest of the AMP officers landed on the roof of the warehouse and crept inside. Dead bodies were everywhere -- and when they approached one to see what had killed it, they all sprung to life!

A dozen zombies surrounded the party. Squirrel set off a flashbang to blind them for a few seconds, which was long enough for the party to kill them all (Kagome and Princess sliced up three at a time with AoE sword attacks, Creepy grabbed one to use as a bludgeon on a few others, and Chit shot one and blew one up with a bomb). With the room cleared, Kagome moved out onto the main warehouse floor in a berzerker rage -- there were lots more zombies there!

Before the rest of the party could follow, a slime monster rose out of the floor and attacked! Chit hid and started sneaking up on it to try to plant a bomb without being seen, but Princess dodged a lightning bolt, then stabbed it once with her sword and it died.

That seemed to end the infestation of the warehouse -- scanning for more Ether-Hawks turned up a negative. They headed back to base to fill out the paperwork, then headed to their various homes to rest (squirrel, Princess, and the NPCs had private apartments, Creepy lived with her parents because she was underage).

last session, different campaign | next session

...and then the GM called Murdock off for a private encounter to start the plot proper, but it was almost midnight so we decided to stop there.
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