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Bloodbowl, and DOOM

I played a bunch more bloodbowl and I seem to be getting worse at it somehow. Last night my chaos team scored a total of zero touchdowns in two games (losing one 0-1, the other 0-2) and managed to get out-bashed by skaven of all things. This is entirely in line with how all my games have been going for like a week. Do the dice hate me? Or am I doing something wrong? Well, the second game I *did* get robbed of one touchdown by a 'foul appearance' check followed by two critical failures on a rerolled dodge, and another by tripping and falling in the endzone. Oh, and one of the opponent's TD's happened after a one-die block to push his thrower off the field got attacker down twice. But... really... I had some pretty good luck in other areas that game, so I'm leery of saying 'waaah I'm so unlucky!'

OTOH I look at my 1330 TV team which has, like, two guys with block, one guy with kick, and one guy with +agi. Somehow, the opposing team has a level four player with guard, block, mighty blow, and stand firm. @.@ And a +str guy. And at least two other people with multiple skills. Something's wrong here.

I did manage to beat Rowyn with goblins against her orcs. Because she was so unlucky that I managed to actually score once, and then stall her for a 1-0 win. It's like her fourth game ever, though, so... yeah.

  • The apartment manager has a vague notice saying that there's a 'work order' they need to do in my bathroom that they couldn't complete, and that I need to 'bleach the shower surround and bath'. If I take surround as a noun, I can turn that into an English sentence, but FUCKING HELL WOMAN JUST TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK YOU'RE TRYING TO DO AND WHAT IS WRONG IS THAT SO HARD? I already cleaned the whole freaking bathroom *twice* so you obviously want something specific.
  • Very confusing notice from the licensing bureau. I need emissions testing and... a new license plate? Which for some reason I'm getting charged $20 for three times on your 'how much do you pay' worksheet?
  • And at work I'm trying to get all this damned branching crap sorted out so that I can start working and it's just not going anywhere. Also, simultaneously, I need to pack up the office to move to another building. Also, I got scheduled for two interviews. GOD I hate interviews.

Okay, that's pretty weak doom but it's enough to make me feel doomed. Unresolved things that I may or may not be able to do something about but I don't know what do that pretty easily.
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