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Oh no, kidnapping!

Chit, squirrel. Reimi, psychokinetic. Shumira, witch.

In the middle of the night, Chit and Reimi got called up by Saria -- Shumira's signal had suddenly disappeared, and she wasn't answering her phone! They got together and headed to her mansion on the edge of town, which was... blown up. Well, just one part of it was blown up. Shumira's bedroom.

Chit quickly established that it hadn't been blown up by explosives, and was about to follow some tracks he'd found when seven security guards from the Tajima corporation warped in. "Alpha subject spotted -- first priority is to take her down!" Apparently, in addition to Chit, Saria was also on Tajima's list.

Chit set off a magic smoke-bomb (magic let his friends see through the smoke) and then stealthily jumped into the middle of the enemy formation, where he set a bomb that exploded and scattered them all over the place, but their armor was strong enough to keep them from being badly hurt by it. Reimi hid inside the house and picked up the enemies and started using them as clubs to hit each other, but also couldn't get past their armor. Saria did manage to badly hurt one, but then got shot and turned all her powers to self-defense.

So, Reimi turned to taking away the enemies' guns, and Chit jumped into the middle of a cluster and tossed armor-piercing shaped charges onto their chestplates. "Catch!" "Think fast!" "And..." THAT managed to kill a few. Meanwhile, Saria had called for backup, and Kagome warped in and quickly zapped all the remaining enemies with a giant cannon. The last enemy was blown up by... something. Something that looked suspiciously like the same explosion-without-explosives that had blown up the house.

They interrogated the survivors, who claimed to know nothing about Shumira -- they'd been warped in against their will and only attacked because they'd spotted a high priority target. So... a distraction.

So, back to... right! Tracks! Which led... nowhere. To the city streets, where no one had seen anything. Luckily, Saria got a random vision of where Shumira was going to be in a few minutes, so they headed there to intercept her.

What they found was -- destruction! The whole top of the building was blown up, and in the middle of the wreckage was a giant lucifer hawk! And Shumira was inside his giant, transparent, distended belly. Eeek!

"So, the AMP comes to witness its own destruction!" the monster began.

*POOF* went Chit's spirit-binding bomb, trapping the demon and keeping him from teleporting or desolidifying.

"Hahaha, fools! Witness the return of nemesis!" the monster continued monologing, even though the party was already attacking it. That turned out to be a bad idea, because by the time it realized it was about to get its ass kicked, it didn't have time to break out of the entangle and also run away. They dragged Shumira from the dripping mess of its corpse, and woke her up, but she didn't remember anything.

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