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In Gamma World, everybody dies

I showed up for the gamma world game day, to try out the new version. What I didn't realize was that all the 'game days' were RPGA events and they wanted an RPGA number. So, I gave them the number off my old RPGA card. It was six digits long. Everyone else's number was, like, 14 digits long. This worries me. But they let me play...

Since I was a little late and also the breakpoint for switching to two tables, I took over the character of the guy who was now GMing. 'Electric Feline'. I named him Elekitty. We also had Hawkroach and Rufus (a gravity-controlling rat swarm).

The mayor of a small town asked them to go investigate a 'ruckus' in a nearby park, since they were fighty types and most of the militia was injured from fighting off the muties. Hawkroach scouted and saw that they were approaching some Hoggers with a flock of red birds nearby, that Elekitty recognized as nasty evil blood birds. Like mosquitos, only birds. Also, deadly.

They tried to sneak up but the hoggers spotted them and told them to go away. Hawkroach pulled out his leaky plasma rifle to threaten them, but before he could us it the hoggers attacked! One of them threw a maggot-ball at Hawkroach, which spurred the blood birds into attacking him first, pecking and sucking out his blood and irradiating everything nearby.

Rufus used a photon grenade to badly wound two of the hoggers, and Elekitty followed up by clawing out the eyes of one of them and finishing him off. The others two split up to belch radioactive gas and lash out with chains -- owowowowow.

Meanwhile, Hawkroach was running around in a panic being pecked to death by the blood birds. "Keep them distracted!" Elekitty called, and he did, until he fell to the ground, dying. The other two finished off the hoggers, and then Elekitty ran off with the birds pecking him instead, while Rufus gave Hawkroach a healing potion to save him from certain death. Elekitty didn't die because he had an alpha mutation that regenerated him *almost* as fast as the blood birds could hurt him. Almost. Not quite, though, and eventually he had to brush them off and join the party shooting them from a distance (since Rufus' ranged attack slowed them).

They looted what they could from the hoggers, and moved on to the giant plume of smoke that was obviously the problem the mayor wanted them to solve. They found out that it was a crashed helicopter on top of an old laboratory, so after examining all their options (including having Hawkroach fly to the top and take care of things on his own -- there was nothing interesting on top aside from the crashed helicopter, and the roof door was jammed) they went in through the front door.

Rufus managed to activate the computer and get a map of the facility, then they started looting offices. They found all kinds of junk, and Elekitty used it to build a rope ladder that they used (with Hawkroach's help) to climb up the elevator shaft. On the second floor, they found a datapad that talked about the 'doorways' in the 'restricted area' on the top floor -- the map didn't show any restricted area! They also noticed that the 'fire exit' stairs didn't open -- definately a safety hazard!

So they climbed up to the third floor, which looked nothing like the map. There was all kinds of active equipment in good repair, surrounding a glass-walled chamber in the center of the room.

Rufus: "We move into the room to investigate!"
GM: "The half-dozen mutants in the room attack you!"
Elekitty: "The mutants they forgot to mention in the boxed text, I assume."
GM: "Right, sorry, there's mutants in the room, and the boss just shouted 'attack!'"

The first person to attack was a Dabber (raccoon) sniper in the back, who shot Elekitty right in the -- actually Elekitty had a new alpha mutation and used it to switch places with the boss Hogger, who got shot in the head instead of him. Heehee! Of course, that left the boss right next to Hawkroach, who had to solo him because Rufus['s player] had spotted an armory in a corner of the map and was making a beeling for it, ignoring the enemies.

Hawkroach did not do a good job of soloing him. Especially when the boss had other hogger friends to call on. Rufus did eventually manage to come back and set off an AoE to hurt the hoggers, though, and the boss noticed that he was winning and ran off to go back to pounding on the door.

Meanwhile, Elekitty was on the wrong end of the room getting shot repeated by the dabber and hounded by a hoop (bunny). He tossed a bit of omega tech he'd found called 'instant scientist' and sent the scientist to go talk the dabber down while he... failed to hit the hoop repeatedly, and eventually had to run away with one hit point left after already using his second wind.

The scientist had said that he'd been dehydrated after walking onto the pedestal inside the glass chamber. The boss hogger broke into the chamber, ran onto the pedestal, and vanished in a flash of light! Instantly dehydrated? At any rate, the glass chamber was protection from the dabber at least, and far away from the hoop, so Elekitty tried to hide there.

He was VERY SURPRISED when Boss Hogger reappeared carrying a magic sword and stabbed him in the chest. "But-- but-- you were supposed to be dehydrated!" he croaked out, then slumped to the ground and died.

Meanwhile, Rufus and Hawkroach managed to kill off the lesser hoggers, and... Rufus ran after the armory again. Hawkroach tried to run and save Elekitty, but he was too late. He dueled with the boss hogger inside the glass chamber for a while, both of them periodically running into the portal to get random boosts. The scientist (who'd distracted the dabber for a while) stood in the door blocking the hoop from interfering, until Rufus made it out of the armory with some guns, and decided to activate the room's lasers, which started shooting everyone indiscriminately. The scientist took refuge deeper inside the glass chamber, unblocking the door, and started destabilizing the portal.

Boss Hogger didn't like that, and ran out of the room to a computer console. Hawkroach followed to try to kill him -- which let the Hoop chop off his head with a giant axe. He died instantly.

Rufus did finish off the dabber, and the lasers (with no other targets) killed the Boss hogger, igniting his jetpack and making him go 'boom!'. But then the Hoop ran across the room and hacked at Rufus, leaving him lying on the ground, bleeding.

The scientist had desperately tried to use the portal, and had come back with a bit of omega tech of his own. "I'll save you!" he cried, "I'll --" he set off his tech, which killed the Hoop -- and himself, with the backlash.

With no one at all in the room conscious, and no one else alive, Rufus slowly bled to death.

Mission accomplished!
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