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Mazes, seen and unseen

Sunday we played some D+D (after shifting the schedule a week to accomodate Josh).

The party retreated from the forest before the spiders could reappear, to lick their wounds, then once they were slightly rested, set out across the overgrown 'fields' as quickly as they could. They did have to fight a few spiders, but not the massive horde of them that had attacked the first time, and before long they managed to get to the sheer dropoff overlooking the interior of the Stone House.

They were not at the observation deck, although they could see it off to the side. They could also see the arcane tower, rising from the center of the courtyard all the way up past their level. And the archway that they were pretty sure would lead to the library. And the dragon, in a massive crater not fifty feet from the arch. Well, they could see a cloud of smoke from which dragony bits occasionally protruded anyway.

So they headed to the observation deck and made a leap of faith into the invisible maze. It wasn't as much of a leap of faith as it should have been -- Azm had blindsight and could sense the maze, and Ariel could see invisible and was able to see an invisible minotaur pacing around in a maze that her see invisible didn't see -- because it wasn't *invisible* so much as 'made out of wind'.

Through a series of lucky guesses, they managed to make a beeline through the maze by the shortest possible path, which was not particularly short. Really, it was pure luck. They evaded the minotaur as well as all the treasure. A final leap took them to the tower's entrance, high above the ground, where eagles dared to nest, but didn't dare to fight the party.

The tower was itself a maze -- each of the doors had a gold and silver plated handle which could be flipped to either side, and would open on different rooms. The first room was a lounge full of sleeping ogres -- they decided to take on the spider-filled stables instead. The spiders sprayed acid and poison and webs all over the place, but were really no match for the party. Just annoying as hell.

Then they proceeded to explore the tower's empty, ruined chambers until they were attacked in the ruins of a bar by a floating eyeball that shot ice and fire beams, and exploded when it died, but was also not a real threat. Still, this whole tower thing was getting boring, so they decided to take an extended rest in the bar -- the ogres had left several dead there, so they probably wouldn't come back to get blasted by the eyeball. And, in fact, they didn't.

In the morning, the party continued to explore the tower, and eventually found a dead end. WOAH! Perhaps the tower's cyclic directed graph was *not* infinite in scope! At any rate, they started backing up to fill in the blanks on their map, and ran into a hallway that the ogres had never gotten to. Door number one was locked, and they decided to check it last. Door number two opened onto an empty bedroom, whose occupant had taken all his stuff with him. Door number three opened onto a woman brushing her hair.

Creepy girl: "Are you home?"
Beware: "I don't understand your question."
Creepy girl: *goes back to brushing her hair*
Beware, to party: "Ah, it's some wizard's bed-golem. Let's ignore it."
Varnix: "Noooo it's actually a ghost. Maybe if we talk to it it'll help us find this mysterious item that will help against the dragon? Other ghosts we met have been helpful."
Ariel (after being shoved into the room): "Hello."
Creepy girl: "Are you home?"
Ariel: "Yes, I've come home."
Creepy girl: "You're NOT HIIIIIIIIMMMMM!!!!!"

The ghost possessed Ariel, and let out a massive shriek that would have killed lesser adventurers but didn't quite kill the party, although it scatterd them down the hallway, knocking them down and dazing them. They tried various methods to try to get the ghost out of Ariel -- Varnix had a ray that would give a friendly target a saving throw, and Heyyou had the Root which he thought might do something -- but they kept missing! Ariel, however, for the FIRST TIME EVER, actually made a save and expelled the ghost -- and then ran for it.

The ghost didn't chase the party out of her room, although she hovered at the doorway glowering. They shut the door and wrote 'evil ghost: do not enter' on it.

GM: "Wow, you guys are missing *all* the treasure this time."
Varnix: "We can go back!"

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