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Giggling Ghosts

Friday night we played a little more champions.

After a week of minor missions -- more slime monsters and zombies, mostly, which led Chit to finally build himself a helmet to keep the goo from getting in his eyes -- Shumira's house was still not fixed. Also, they had a mission which sounded like it might be nastier -- there was a building downtown, on fire, where apparently everyone inside had died, and no one who went in to check it out ever escaped alive. Obviously, a job for the AMP!

Once again, the building was surrounded with useless police who at least could keep any innocent bystanders from wandering in. Maybe. Chit jumped up the side of the building to scout a little by looking in through the windows and saw that everyone inside looked like they had been cut up with knives or claws or something -- messily killed. No sign of movement, though.

They decided to go in through the front door this time, so that they could check with the ex-receptionist's computer and get a map of the building. There were two floors with secret places that were marked 'restricted area' on the map -- one on the 10th floor, one on the 13th. But first there was that fire -- the fire department had already been called and it would be a slaughter if they decided to rush in and put it out. Presumably. They hadn't been attacked or anything.

Strangely, although the 7th floor was completely immolated, (a) none of the fire suppression systems or alarms were going off (the police had had to call the fire department themselves), and (b) the sprinklers weren't working. So after a quick check with a security station on the 4th floor (which didn't have fire controls) where they found that the building's security cameras were not recording for some reason, they headed to the basement to look for sprinkler controls.

While heading through an electrical room, Shumira thought she saw something out of the corner of her eye, but no one else saw it and investigating the spot where she'd seen it turned up nothing. They did eventually find the sprinklers, and turned them on, but they didn't do anything to put out the fires. Instead, a fire started spreading there, in the basement, slowly moving towards them, room by room.

So they ran out into the corridor to see what was causing the fire -- only there was a wall in the way. Chit didn't think the wall looked load-bearing, so he used a breaching charge to blow a hole in it -- and was nearly incinerated by the backdraft. Okay, that's an exaggeration -- he had armor on and was only slightly singed.

Beyond the hole was fire. Just, fire. The things in the room were burning, but there was fire even where
there wasn't anything to burn.

Chit: "Aside from the fact that it burned me, I'd swear this was illusionary fire. I attempt to disbeleive!"
GM: "You're still burned."
Chit: "Okay, someone else attempt to disbelieve. Obviously I already failed."
Reimi: "Sorry, I saw you get burned."

Putting it out with another bomb didn't work -- instead they just heard a creepy giggling. So Shumira worked up a fire-suffocation spell and to Chit's suprise at least that *did* work. There wasn't anything left in the burned area to go off of, though -- everything was burned.

So they put out the seventh floor as well -- still no clues. Then hit the 10th floor where they managed to pick a cardkey off one of the sliced up bodies to get into the restricted area, where they found some files talking about an immortality project that had happened way back in 1997-1998, before the big disaster that ruined the world.

last session | next session

...and Keith needs to write up the rest of the messages, so we're not sure exactly what it all means.
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