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Now for the main event. August 13th 2203

Arc 1, CEC 0. Gentle Rain is OUT OF HERE. Of course she's taking the damn kids with her but there's not much we could do about that, short of a full-scale assault. We considered it, but Limit thought that having all the enemy forces gather in one place with a huge, important prize was a bit too obvious of a trap. I think we could have gotten away with the emergency shelter, but that would have meant using the kids as hostages and UNLIKE CERTAIN AIs that's not something we do.

Now we just have to face down the rest of the fleet, but anti-CEC sentiment is pretty universal -- they're not going to get any cooperation here. And the CEC soldiers -- the ones that aren't robots, anyway -- don't seem to like their leaders' tactics any more than we do. If they fight at all, they won't have their heart in it, and that means they'll lose.

At least, that's what we're telling our troops. I'm pretty sure people will fight pretty hard just to 'not die' even if they hate the cause. That's always how it worked for me, anyway. It does mean we might be able to get some of them to turn traitor. We got three from Gentle Rain's crew alone.

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