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They still send me their newsletter...

Warhammer Age of Reckoning finally added Skaven classes. Or is adding them. Or something. The newsletter is a little unclear. I don't think that's enough to get me to go back to the game. Seriously, how were the rats not in there from the start?

For games I actually *am* playing, Titan Quest Immortal Throne, Blood Bowl still, and some AI War: Fleet Command. Which I literally bought by accident. I have the computer on 'easy' (or possibly 'less easy') difficulty, which means I can generally fight off their attacks with no problem, but I'm faced with a problem -- the second AI homeworld (I already killed the first, after several save-and-reload attempts before I realized they had an AI Eye hidden in among all the crap) is somewhere in a huge chain of worlds with only one wormhole route -- a straight line about ten planets long. I think this means I need to somehow scout out where it is (but how? There are Tachyon Guardians EVERYWHERE and my scouts die as soon as they go through a wormhole) and then send a bunch of transports with my army to take it out. Because conquering all the planets between here and there is going to make the AI REALLY MAD (AI progress is already at something like 580).

...oh, and then hope that the AI doesn't decide to conquer my homeworld while my fleet is off in never-never land.
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