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Cubicle Wars

Friday night we played a bit more Champions. We fought some goldfish and then tried to figure out how to fit a squirrel into a hazmat suit.

Reading the rest of the files, the AMP officers discovered that the secret lab had been the latest in a series of mad scientist operations trying to increase human lifespan by mixing in Lucifer Hawk genetics, which had been going on since slightly before the 'Silent Crisis' that let the Lucifer folk in to ruin the world. One set, a few sets before, was mixing 'yelper' (aka psychic) dna *and* Lucifer Folk DNA into an unholy cocktail of doom for some reason, but 'she' was sealed away forever and couldn't possibly be the one behind the mysterious pyrokinetic fires.


So, up to the 13th floor. They were able to bypass the security systems to get into the restricted area, and found... a bunch of cubicles. Before they had a chance to be terminally bored to death, some floating slimy fish hovered up out of the cubicles and attacked! Or at least, looked like Lucifer Hawks and were coming right towards them.

They weren't much of a threat, but after the first half dozen were down, another dozen appeared... only to be blasted into oblivion by a huge cascade of fire! Chit jumped to ground zero to see if he could spot what had caused the explosion, which meant that he was standing there with his tail hanging out when a nastier bad guy appeared at about the same spot and demanded to know who was killing his minions.

"He is!" said Shumira and Raimi, pointing to Chit.

Before Chit could get himself eviscerated, the Lucifer Hawk was attacked by a similarly alien-looking dog. Chit used a spirit bind on him, and some other bombs, and the rest of the party also poured on the damage, and he was quickly taken down before he could do more than nearly kill Chit with accidental splash from his attacks on the dog. His entirely ineffective attacks on the dog.

The dog got away unharmed, though a red portal this time, unlike the blue portals the Kajima corporation troops had been having used on them. The AMP officers weren't certain if the portal color was significant.

At any rate, nothing was left in the office that was worth anything -- too many explosions -- so after Chit got himself healed by the NPC with them who was talking to the cops (who didn't know that she could heal people, but was willing to experiment), they blew the doors to the even more restricted area off their hinges and found... a hallway.

And then... a toilet. The next door had another toilet. The third door was storage -- but before they could start screaming too loudly in frustration, they noticed that what was being stored were hazmat suits, and the next set of doors down the hall looked like a decontamination chamber.

Shumira's normal force field also worked as a hazmat suit, and Raimi could wear one of the ones provided. Chit figured he could probably seal up his armor, but then he'd suffocate, so he took some time to jury-rig the air supply from one of the suits to his tail. This was uncomfortable, but possibly better than going in unprotected. They weren't sure what was going to be in there... I mean, aside from an insane yelper/lucifer crossbreed who could set people on fire. They had no evidence that she actually *had* set anyone on fire, after all -- the murders all seemed to be done by the fish (which had claws on their pseudopods) and the humanoid Lucifer Hawk they'd already killed.

So, prepared at last, they went through decontamination and immediately located a scientist (without any protective gear) alive and huddling in a closet.

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