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Titan Quest: I got a reasonable way through it (almost to the end of act I) with a dream/defemse character, then decided that for a change I wanted to play a mage. So I made an earth/nature character reminiscent of my EMo from Guild Wars and realized that this was quite possibly not the first time I'd used that exact combo.

See, 'earth' is all about fire. Doing fire damage, doing burn damage, boosting fire damage... making your pet do fire damage. Other secondary specializations are about doing ice and lightning, or vitality, or poison, or piercing, or life drain. Except for warfare, defense and nature. Warfare is about using a sword, defense is about using a shield , and nature is about summoning and healing. Fire damage mostly comes from using a staff, which rules out swords and shields, so... nature it is.

OTOH, blowing everyone up with insanely overpowered fireballs is fun. The stupid core dweller keeps dying, though. Maybe I need to put points into him instead of into insanely overpowered fireballs?

Blood Bowl: My single player necro team almost lost a game to halflings because of OMG DICE. They managed to score after I failed 1-reroll-1 on my first action 3 times in a row (the computer kept marking everyone with his halflings, which in a normal luck situation would be REALLY STUPID but did force me to try a 'risky' action first thing). So we were tied at the normal end of the match. I did manage to get a touchdown in turn 17, and again in turn 20, but touchdowns during overtime don't give SPP. GRR! Oh, and one of the 1-reroll-1s was a GFI that killed my star player werewolf, but he made his regen.

... it's been a while since I turned on my x-box. My interest in games tends to be like that -- I'll get focused on one or two and not be in the mood to play anything else until I get sick of them.
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