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Typical Internet Argument, in Terry-Vision. @.@

(Several people reading this know what I'm talking about, and probably have their own letters to substitue in; this is how it looked to me, though. And why it's frustrating. q:3)

Discussing: [X]

A: X is bad.
B: !X, though.
A: Well, !X is mostly useless.
B: But, X.
A: It's either X or !X.
B: No, no, X and !X.
A: Um... if X, then it can't be !X. And if !X, then !X.
B: Would you like it better if it was Y?
A: ... yes?
C: You don't understand! X and !X.
A: You can't have X and !X. It's either X or !X.
C: It's X sometimes, and !X other times, depending on what is most like Y. Obviously.
A: Where are you even getting that? It's only saying ONE THING and it never even MENTIONS Y.

I mean, yes, it looks like someone wanted to say Y and was trying to be clever and fucked it up, but they're actually saying X. Or maybe !X. Although I think they're saying X.

This is why I hate algebra.
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