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A little bit more

Friday night we played a little Champions, but really it was a very little. We talked to the scientist-or-something hiding in the closet, and had to knock her out to get her to leave with us. She didn't remember anything about the project and really wouldn't do anything but gibber, even after we fed her hot chocolate.

Then we found the lab, which had an empty container that 'Elizabeth' -- the pyro ghost -- had been kept in until some foolish scientists let her out. She killed them all, according to the recording! Not as innocent as we thought. But probably not responsible for most of the deaths, since those still looked like the work of Lucifer Hawks we'd killed. She didn't have claws, just fire.

Afterwards, it was back to the station to fill out forms FOREVER. Our boss wouldn't let us hold a birthday party at Chuck-e-Cheese to try to lure Elizabeth out of hiding, since he thought we just wanted an excuse to eat pizza and play video games. As if!

Then we were notified that our next mission was -- [NO CARRIER]

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