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So Much for the TSA

Friday night we played some Champions, assigned to rescue a reporter from an airport. There were many explosions. We caused *most* of them...

Nope, no one was kidnapped. Instead, there was a party to plan, because the cops were angry that the AMP kept horning in on their territory (off-camera) and their (on-camera) apologetic letters were not apologetic enough. Fortunately, they were rescued from shopping for twelve dozen donuts by a crisis at the airport! The cops weren't sure that this was AMP territory either, but, well, they'd called, so the AMP went in.

Basically, there were lots of 'crazy people' causing havoc, and a famous reporter was trapped in one of the convention centers. Chit decided to sneak ahead to see if he could figure out if the 'crazy people' were actually zombies or lucifer hawks or what. He did find the right convention center, thanks to some help from a ghostly girl who was probably Elizabeth, but just as he spotted it, he was spotted himself, and attacked. He left a bomb to blow up the people chasing him, but it barely slowed them down! He jumped up on the roof, they climbed up after him without slowing down. He jumped on their face and tried to claw them, and they hit him with a tire iron, neither attack doing any actual damage.

Then the rest of the AMP arrived and started causing havoc. Raimi complained that everyone else was using lethal force, but aside from her no one really *had* nonlethal force, especialy nonlethal force that worked against people who could take a bullet to the head at point blank range and not even flinch.

Oh, and then there was the suicide bomber.

Still, they managed to take a few prisoners, which they tied up with zip ties and left for the police, since according to Shumira they were magic-user cultists or something, and not lucifer folk. Shumira had just taken Kagome back to Saria to get healed (the suicide bomber had nearly killed her) when there was a giant fireball across the airport, destroying a bunch of planes.

Since they were right there at the convention center (and previous attempts to track apparently sourceless fireballs had failed to reveal a source), they decided to find the reporter first, and entered the convention center.

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