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And behind door number forty seven...

Friday night we played some Champions. One of the players is an architect in real life. He is not the one with demolitions skill, or the GM. So all the arguments about the placement of explosives get to be three way!

He also points out when buildings aren't up to code, although I haven't seen him argue that part.

After arguing about whether or not to try to lure all the enemies in the building into a trap, which included trying to determine if the trap itself would take down the building and kill the reporter they were supposed to save, the AMP decided to set a trap outside the main doors of the convention center just in case, then go in searching room to room normally and hopefully with some amount of stealth. Chit set off a smoke bomb (magic smoke that the AMP could see through, but enemies couldn't very well) and they started going room to room.

Raimi: "Won't the smoke alert them?"
Chit: "I think all the explosions outside just now did that."

The first room was full of cultists, including one suicide-bomber cultist in the back. Chit managed to hit his obvious inaccessible focus (fragile) with a shot from his energy pistol, leading to premature detonation that mostly hurt the enemies. The rest were pretty easy to mop up, even though some of them were able to use magic spells in addition to tire irons and the like. Shumira and Raimi were still trying to take them alive, and captured most of them, but Chit and Kagome killed a few 'accidentally'.

Afterwards, Chit tried to lure the reporter out of her hiding place. "Come out, come out, whereever you are!" He repeated this effort in each of the (mostly empty) rooms. "We're not going to hurt you! We're the good guys! Really!" "We're from the government, we're here to help!"

Raimi: "Do you think you could try NOT to scare her into thinking we're serial killers?"
Chit (in the next room): "We're not serial killers, honest!"

There were a lot of empty rooms. There was also one more room with cultists, one room with slime monsters, and a couple cultists in the hallway that Shumira saw eaten by multiple dogs of the sort they'd seen fighting the Lucifer Hawk in the corporate building a few days ago.

Chit: "What was that noise? Are there more cultists?"
Shumira: "Nope, the hallway's clear."

Finally, on the second floor, just as they were getting delirious from endless doors opening onto empty rooms, Chit found the reporter. She was tied to a chair, being guarded by an evil-looking woman in evil-looking armor who said evil-sounding things. Chit tried to respond with a flashbang grenade to blind her while the rest of the group joined the fight, but she teleported it away harmlessly. Then teleported Chit away harmlessly. Chit took the opportunity to hide behind Shumira. "She's REALLY SCARY! She can teleport small objects! All my powers are useless!"

The evil lady didn't attack the AMP, though, and in fact when they demanded she release her hostage, she did -- saying that she saw some kinship in Shumira and had already finished her job there or something. She did not agree to go with them under arrest, teleporting away instead. Since she'd also disintegrated walls casually, they might not have been able to take her in anyway.

She did mention that her name was Alicia -- one of the scientists who'd been working on creating Elizabeth, the Yelper/Lucifer Hawk hybrid who'd been helping the AMP. Specifically, Elizabeth's mother.

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